Satellite TV Installation & Repairs – Uxbridge, Harrow, Ealing


Astrix install satellite television in homes and businesses throughout Middlesex and West London, enabling you to enjoy every satellite television package available such as:

Sky, Sky+, SKY HD, Sky Freesat and Sky Multi-Room


With Sky+ and Sky+ HD satellite television you can watch your favourite television programmes at a time to suit you. Sky+ allows you to record future episodes or an entire series. Other features include catch-Up TV allowing you to watch a programme you previously missed.


Freesat is provided by ITV and the BBC to give a satellite alternative to digital Freeview. Freesat provides multiple free-to-air channels, incorporating On Demand, Interactive services and HD.

FreeSat Multi-Room

Freesat multi-room allows you to add mulitple television sets to one satellite dish. This means you can watch different satellite channels in the same house, so no more arguments over the remote! There is also the facility to control viewing from the primary box so you can regulate what your children watch.

Freesat Multi-Room is also a great solution for businesses such as hotels and hospitals

Fixed European and International Satellite Systems

International and European satellite systems can be installed using a variety of digital satellite providers that include both free-to-air channels and subscription packages.

There is a wide choice, so speak to Astrix digital for free advice on how to obtain the most suitable International package to give you the best reception possible either with a new fixed International satellite system or alternatively we may be able to realign your existing satellite dish allowing you to receive multiple signals – via the same dish.

Repair Services

Astrix Digital Communications provide a prompt repair service, finding and fixing faults in your system as well as solving alignment and reception issues.

Maintenance packages are also available for commercial clients.